1st Grade
Most Improved - Daniel Hobbs
Players' Player Award - Ash Murphy
Best back - Chris Coyle
Best forward - Cale McCort
Best and fairest (The Westpac Shield) - Cale McCort
JJ Guthrie Award - Eugene Maxwell and Nathan McCort
most improved (Hine Black Trophy) - Charli Simpkins
best back - Stacey Kilmister
best forward - Nicki McLoughlin
best and fairest (Debbie Shelford Trophy) - Melanie Pomare
best back - Mark Gaskin
best forward - Paul Hotzman
most improved (Andrew Hine trophy) - Doron Shulmann
best and fairest (Glynn Jones trophy) - Anthony Musto
Fifth Grade:
best back - Paul Rogers
best forward - Darren Megaw
best and fairest (Peter Westaway Trophy) - Grant Hutson
Third Grade:
best back - Steve Nicholson
best forward - Luke Grossmith
best and fairest (Bob Meade Shield) - Jo Poutapu-Wall
Second Grade:
best back - Toby Dunn
best forward - Lex Wilson
best and fairest (Ray Salmons Shield) - Tony Sproule
Committee Awards:
Courage and Commitment award (Allan Hill trophy) - Darren Horne
Club Spirit Award - Shelley Bye
best past or present colt (Maurie Day Award) - Tim McLochlin
Captain's Cup - Ray Goodall
Coach of the Year: Steve Wharerau
President's Cup - Debbie Shelford
Clubwoman of the Year - Kerry Buist
Clubman of the Year - Paul Danneford