The Annual General Meeting of the Perth-Bayswater Rugby Union Football Club Inc. was held at the clubrooms, Wellington Street, Morley, on Thursday 25 November 2009.

There were 37 members present as President Ray Mills declared the meeting open. Following apologies and approval of the minutes of the previous year, the president presented his report reflecting on the strengths and weaknsses of the club during the year, noted outstanding achievements and thanked major sponsor ME Bank and all other sponsors, and congratulated those who contibuted to the club rooms renovations, and the Junior Committee for their canteen renovations.

Club Captain Jason Bastaja and Secretary John Robertson presented their annual reports. The President reported that the Auditor’s report was not available for the meeting. Copies of the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss statement for the year ended 30 September 2009 was circulated to reveal an operating net profit of $20,032.

The election of officers resulted in the following appointments:
President Jack Seymour
Vice President Operations Dean Marshall
Vice President Administration
Bob Meade
Patron Terry Kenyon Graham Pittaway
Secretary John Robertson
Treasurer Vacant
Club Coach Rex George
Club Captain Jason Bastaja
Committee Persons
Sam McCort
Dianne Scholess
Marie Freeman
Carol van Malsen

The current Club Auditor K. Westaway and Associates, Chartered Accountants were nominated and appointed as auditors for 2010..A nomination for life membership for Mr Wally Murphy was received from Mr Jack Seymour, seconded Mr Jason Bastaja, and carried with acclamation. An inscribed Life Members' medal was presented by the president.

Mr Barry Guzder again drew attention to changes in the plans to celebrate the clubs history, previously thought to be 80 years, now confirmed 100 years of playing rugby in Western Australia.

The President answered a question about the process for replacing the club coach.

The meeting was closed at 8.15pm.

Annual Report 2009 (pdf 661 kB)
Minutes of the AGM 2009 (30 kB)


The Annual General Meeting of the Perth-Bayswater Rugby Union Football Club Inc. was held at the clubrooms, Wellington Street, Morley, on Thursday 13 November 2008.

There were 27 members present as outgoing President Jack Seymour opened his last meeting after four years of outstanding service. Following apologies and approval of the minutes of the previous year, the president presented his report detailing the club's considerable achievements and thanked his committee, sponsors, and his wife Jeanne.

Secretary John Robertson presented his annual report and Treasurer Natalie Mills followed with the annual profit and loss statement that showed the club had made a profit of $8216 for the year. An audited financial report will follow.

The election of officers resulted in the following appointments:
Patrons Terry Kenyon, Morrie Day
President Ray Mills
Senior Vice President vacant
Vice President Jack Seymour
Secretary John Robertson
Treasurer Natalie Mills
Club Captain Jason Bastaja
Club Coach John Taylor
Committee Persons
Sam McCort
Bob Meade
Shari Lovreta

Further committee members are to be co-opted as necessary.

Two life memberships were nominated for the meeting, with Andrew Hine and Noel Spittal both being approved in grateful appreciation for decades of dedicated service to the club.

Barry Guzder drew the attention of the meeting to the club's proposed 80th anniversary celebration which was supported by the meeting, to be coordinated with the new committee.

Annual Report 2008 (pdf 238 kB)
Financial Statement 2008 (pdf 726 kB)
Minutes of the AGM 2008 (15 kB)


Open the President's Report for 2006 (PDF 120 kB)

Open the Management Committee Report for 2006 (PDF 142 kB)


Twenty-nine club members attended the 2005 AGM at the clubrooms on Thursday 17 November 2005. The meeting was declared open by the Club President Jack Seymour at 7:00 pm, and apologies and minutes of previous meeting were taken. The President gave his report and an excellent and extensive annual rpeort was circulated from Club Secretary John Robertson.

A copy of the Financial Statement of Accounts and the Auditors Report for the year ended 30 September 2005 was circulated to members present. The report showed an operating profit for the year of $11,374 compared to the previous year of $2,381. A member questioned the extent of player members with outstanding registration fees. The Treasurer responded by explaining the difficulties experience by the management committee to enforce a policy of ‘no pay – no play’. As it stood approximately $1,500 remained outstanding and possibly uncollectible. It was recommended that the policy be reviewed by the incoming committee. A special vote of thanks was proposed to the Treasurer and to the management committee in general; to members who had assisted with bar management and the commitment to reduce debt carried over from the previous year.


President Jack Seymour
Senior Vice President Bob Meade
Vice President Noel Spittal
Secretary John Robertson
Treasurer Moreen Stewart
Club Captain Barry Guzder
Committee Persons:
Jean Seymour
Gerald Pulker
Richard Wrobel
Kerrie Buist
Bruce Rollerson
Steve Wharerau
Sam McCort
Paul Dannefaerd
Wally Murphy.

Club Coach: No nomination


The President provided an overview of a report prepared Mr Greg Stewart on a vision for the Club leading up to the year 2010. The emphasis was on attracting people back into the Club with an enhanced focus on membership services. The report prompted an enthusiastic exchange of ideas for a more integrated club. Advertising home games in the junior club newsletter had resulted in an increased participation rate and social interaction for the senior games. A strategic planning workshop would be held during 2006 to review progress made since the last workshop conducted in 2001 and future direction setting.

Steve Wharerau was nominated for Life Membership for outstanding service over the past 19 years to the PBRUFC by Bob Meade, seconded by Dave Sefton; and carried with acclamation.

Steve McCormick (Life Member) spoke favourably of the achievements of President Jack Seymour in providing strong leadership for the Club. Steve commented “that it had been a long time since all positions on the management committee had been fully subscribed prior to the AGM”. The comments were supported with acclamation. The meeting was declared closed at 8:00 pm followed by a social hour.

Open the Minutes of the 2005 AGM (PDF 17 kB)


Twenty-two club members were present for the 2004 AGM held at the clubrooms on Sunday 14 November 2004 at 11 am. President Ray Goodall welcomed all members to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance. He reported that the club was doing well, especially the juniors and the senior club needs to build on that. We were only one game from the club championship. He stressed the need for everyone to work as a team.

The minutes of the previous meeting were accepted, there were no matters arising and the audited financial statement for the year ended 30 September 2004 was distributed to the meeting. It was noted that the bar profit was substantially lower than for the previous year and it was recommended that the incoming committee review the prices. Registrations had increased enormously and Ray thanked Debbie Shelford and Steve McCormick for all their hard work. Income for the year was $71,025, an increase of $8000 over the previous year. Major sources of income were registration ($23,017), sponsorship ($20,118) and bar profit ($11,941). Expenses for the year totalled $68,644, up $6000 from the previous year. Major expenses were insurance ($15,586), social expenses ($7,765), union registration ($6,747) and medical/physio costs ($6,781). This resulted in a net profit of $2,381. The auditor's report was accepted by the meeting.

Election of officers:
President: Ray Goodall
Vice-presidents: Jack Seymour and Bob Meade
Secretary: John Robertson
Treasurer: Maureen Stewart
Club Captain: Wally Murphy
Committee: Kerry Buist, Paul Danneford, Mark Fox, John McFarlane, Sam McCort, Bruce Rollerson, Steve Wharerau, Richard Wrobel.

In general business, points made included the need for continual support for teams, the need to be more professional, thanks for Mary MacDougall's 10 years on the committee, the need for club atmosphere with teams not to drink in the changerooms, emphasising that Junior and Senior Divisions are one club, an increase of junior players from 180 to 250 and the winning of the Junior Championship for the fourth consective year, thanks to the Wanderers Golden Oldies for their continued support and attendance, thanks to Steve McCormick and Grant Hutson for a great job during the year, thanks for the four people vital to the club in recent years, (Debbie Shelford, Steve McCormick, Mary MacDougall and Ray Goodall), thanks to Noel Spittal for the $1000 donation he had obtained for this year's J J Guthrie Award, and it was requested that a letter of thanks and a Certificate of Appreciation be sent to our Honorary Auditor Kelvin Westaway. The meeting closed 12.05pm.


The Annual General Meeting of the Perth Bayswater Rugby Union Football Club Inc. was held at Morley Reserve on Sunday 9 November 2003 at 11 am.

Those present were noted, apologies were accepted and one proxy was tabled. President Ray Goodall welcomed those present to the meeting and thanked them for their attendance.

The minutes of the Annual General Meeting held on Sunday 10 November 2002 be accepted without amendment. There were no matters arising.

The audited financial statement for the year ended 30 September 2003 was distributed to the meeting and duly accepted. Income for the year was $63,163, major items being bar profit ($21,150), registrations ($16,753) and sponsorship ($10,180). Expenses for the year were $61,241, of which the main items were insurance ($14,554), social function costs ($9157), merchandise purchases ($6670) and WARU registrations ($6156). This resulted in a net profit of $1,922.


President: Ray Goodall.

Vice President: Mark Curlew.

Administration Secretary: Mary MacDougall.

Rugby Secretary: Mark Curlew.

Treasurer: Mary MacDougall.

Committee Members:

Paul Dannafaerd

Shelley Bye

Kevin McKeagg

Dennis McLoughlin

Michael Whitney

Nikki McLoughlin

All nominations were accepted unopposed.


1.Life Member Steve McCormick thanked the Management Committee for their efforts in clearing the club debt, particulalry President Ray Goodall and Treasurer Mary MacDougall. Bob Whitney supported these comments.

2. Steve McCormick asked how supporters could be encouraged to help. He also promoted the need to look after sponsors better. Ray Goodall tabled Chris Smith’s suggestion that non-committee people be allocated small jobs to develop a more positive commitment to the club. Job descriptions are needed.

3. Shelly Bye said Thursday night training should be “club night” in the clubrooms for speeches etc. All teams should be in the clubrooms after training on Thursdays.

4. Chris Smith reported that players meals on Thursday evenings had not been viable and should be done only every second Thursday. It was suggested that a sausage sizzle be held at 5.30pm on Thursdays. Shelly Bye asked for meals for players after their games because they will be drinking. Chris Smith said that the canteen closes at the end of the 1st Grade game.

5. Ray Goodall thanked the Wanderers and Bob Whitney for organising the touch season. Mary MacDougall reported that next season a club person would be needed to organise the touch teams because Dave Tuckett is ill and unable to do it anymore.

6. Ray Goodall reported that the new rugby proposals for the 2004 season were on the table for those present to view.

7. Kevin McKeagg asked if bar prices were to be increased. Ray Goodall said they would be reviewed in Committee. It was also noted that by keeping prices lower we are giving our members something for their membership. The Meeting closed at 12.07pm.



The 2001 AGM was held at the clubrooms on Sunday November 11 at 11 am. A bumper crowd of 33 members attended as outgoing President Steve Fink noted there were no apologies and the minutes of the last meeting were accepted. Treasurer Mary MacDougall presented the Auditor's Report, which showed that the club's financial status is again an area of concern. Income for the year was $53,020, down from last year's $73,613. Bar income was, as usual, the main source of income at $28,423, only a slight decrease from last year, but membership registrations suffred a $2000 fall to $9977, and sponsorship at $8357 was a third of last year's amount. Expenses were $65,755, down from $90,530 last year, an overall loss for the year of $12,735. Largest items of expenditure were insurance at $10,276 and merchandise at $11,556.

President Steve Fink presented his report, noting that the season was not as successful as expected but that a good base had been established for next year with the core of a good senior team and a good colts team coming through. He detailed the club's building program and urged members to get behind the project, and finished by thanking all coaches, managers, committee members and club members for their support during 2000 and 2001.

The election of officers followed:
President Ray Goodall
Vice Presidents Noel Spittal, Mike Jones
Secretary Darrell Taylor
Treasurer Mary MacDougall
Club Captain Dennis McLoughlin
Ken Angus
Steve McCormick
Lincoln Hefferen
Rangimaria Te Aute
Michelle Mathews
Ron Dodd
Wayne Campbell

Jim Craib and Greg Jones were elected club Patrons.

In General Business matters raised included the need to correct the current financial trend, particularly with sponsorship and the development of a business plan, and the effectiveness of the registrar, and the establishment of a players' support sub-committee for employment and and sponsorship. Motions were passed thanking outgoing President Steve Fink and Secretary Rick Boyd for their services. The meeting closed at 11.45 am and was followed by the traditional President's Shout.


The club AGM was held at the clubrooms on Sunday November 12 at 11 am. Apologies were taken and the minutes of the last AGM read. Owing to GST commitments the Hon. Auditor provided a summary of the club’s financial position for the year, with the full report to be published shortly. The club made a small profit for the year. The President, Steve Fink, presented his annual report, thanking outgoing committee members and forecasting the need to improve financial performance and playing performance. He paid tribute to club stalwart Glyn Jones who passed away in the weeks before the AGM and invited suggestions for a memorial.

The election of officers followed:
President Steve Fink
Vice Presidents Ray Goodall Mike Jones
Secretary Rick Boyd
Treasurer Mary MacDougall
Club Captain Ken Angus
Debbie Shelford
Darrel Taylor
Steve McCormick
Lincoln Hefferen
Rangimaria Te Aute

Jim Craib was elected club Patron.

In General Business the President notified the meeting that a leading Queensland rugby administrator would be addressing a seminar at the club on Sunday November 19 on promoting rugby at the club level.


The Annual General Meeting of the club was held at the clubrooms at 11 am on Sunday November 7 1999. The meeting accepted the minutes of the last AGM and heard the annual report from President Ray Goodall. Ray reported the club had enjoyed a good season overall, with particular mention of the colts who came from bottom of the ladder in 1998 to compete strongly in the finals in 1999. The President said that considering $5000 was put into the building fund and our electricity bill was $5000 -- an expense the club has not received before -- for the club to finish in the black for the year is commendable.

The annual financial report and the auditor's report followed (thanks again to Hon. Auditor Kelvin Westaway for his expert services). Income for the year totalled $89,000, a considerable increase from $70,200 in 1998. The main items of income were bar trading ($33,000), sponsorship ($20,600), social functions ($14,000) and membership subscriptions ($12,400). Expenditure for the year totalled $87,600, a significant increase from last year's $64,900. Main items of expenditure were social function expenses ($19,000), insurance ($10,600), match and training expenses ($10,100) and merchandise purchases ($7400). Profit for the year was $1300, a decrease from last year's profit of $5,300.

The election of officers resulted in the following positions:

President: Steve Fink

Vice President: Ray Goodall

Vice President: Phil Oliver

Secretary: Rick Boyd

Treasurer: Mary MacDougall

Hon. Solicitor: Kevin Penkin

Club Captain: Ken Angus

Club Coach: Alan Hill

Committee: Wendy Dodd

Debbie Shelford

John Skeffington

Hine Black

Ron Dodd

Paul Antipas

The incoming president, Steve Fink, thanked the previous office bearers and in particular outgoing president, Ray Goodall.

Following general business the meeting concluded at 12.10 pm.


The 1998 Annual General Meeting of the Perth-Bayswater Rugby Union Football Club Inc. took place at the clubrooms on Sunday November 1, opening at 11:20 am.

After reading the minutes of the last AGM, the President, Dave Sefton, gave the Annual Report, followed by the financial report from Treasurer Jan McCormick. The club spent $64,952 dollars in 1998, the main items being social functions $15,065, insurance $8819 and merchandise $4992. The club's income was $70,283, the main items being bar profits $32,449, sponsorship $9742, social functions and fund raising $9564, and membership fees $9079. The club therefore recorded a profit of $5331 for the year.

Election of officers was then held with the following results:

President - Ray Goodall

Vice Presidents - Dave Sefton, Phil Oliver

Secretary - John Skeffington

Treasurer - Jan McCormick

Club Coach: - Alan Hill

Club Captain: --


Craig Barrett

Rick Boyd

Diane Dean

Ron Dodd

Wendy Dodd

Graeme McCall

Debbie Shelford

Pauline Te Wake

Justin West

Bob Whitney

General business followed where the meeting decided that:

  • greater care should be taken selecting coaches
  • a submission should be put to WARU that Colts games be played before second grade
  • last year's patrons be retained for the coming season
  • more emphasis should be placed on post-match catering
  • more people must be involved in the club for it to be successful. Too few people have been doing all the work
  • the club should compile a resource register to access services available from members.

The meeting concluded at midday.


The 1997 Annual General Meeting of the Perth-Bayswater Rugby Union Football Club Inc took place at the clubrooms on Monday, 3 November. The minutes of the last AGM were read and accepted, and President Neil Jury gave the annual report.

The Treasurer’s report was then presented. Income for the year was $73,074, a $3000 decrease from last year. Main items of income were bar profit $30,859; sponsorship $12,361; subscription fees $9806; and merchandise sales $7352. Expenses for the year were $73,893, $1500 more than last year. Main items of expenditure were social function expenses $19,036; merchandise purchases $11,447; insurance $6962; and WARU registrations $4230. The bottom line was a loss of $1126, after a profit of $3753 last year.

The election of officers followed.

President: Neil Jury

Vice President: Ray Goodall

Secretary: John Skeffington

Treasurer: Jan McCormick

Committee: Mary MacDougall

Hine Black

Graeme McCall

Stephen Hatton

Stewart Hywood

Bob Whitney

Bob Whitney

Dianne Dean

Previous office bearers were thanked for their work last season.

In general business, the president advised that a new compressor was required for the cool room. It was suggested a letter be written to last year’s patrons asking them to be patrons again this year. A discussion was held regarding WARU, and the general feeling was dissatisfaction with their performance and attitude. It was suggested the club find a candidate for the WARU executive committee.