Est. 2013

The concept of the Perth-Bayswater “100 Club” is for a dedicated group of 100 patrons investing in the future playing group

The “100 Club” fund will allow the Club to develop a specialised programme for Retention, Development and Recruitment of players for future seasons.

The “100 Club” fund will be used to create a pathway for developing players for our Premier grade team.  This may include gym memberships, assistance with educational programs to enhance employment prospects, academy costs or transfers of players from overseas.  Not only developing the player, but retaining them for future seasons with our Club.

“100 Club” investors will be recognised and rewarded in a number of ways.  Their yearly commitment to this select group of only 100 members will include the following -

  1. A social membership card entitling the investor to vote on Club matters

  2. A named plaque on the “100 Club” brick wall within our Clubrooms

  3. An invitation to our “100 Club” home game day

  4. Information displayed on “100 Club” via our Club web page

  5. Entry into the “100 Club” home game raffle draw - $50 prize will jackpot each week it is unclaimed, so winner must be present at the draw.

  6. Jackpot must be won on the last home game of the season.

The patrons will be rewarded by seeing the development of the Senior Playing Group and having invested in the growth of one of the longest running rugby clubs in WA. This small investment of $110.00 is to start the Club on the journey to another 100 years of rugby in WA.

Alister Milligan

Club President



Find out more, contact our committee now or get forms from the bar!

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